interior design

Whether you’re starting from scratch or reviving your space, allow me to guide your vision into fruition. I use existing pieces paired with thoughtful new and antique purchases, setting them among optimal color and lighting, to curate a space you want to be in. All projects are welcome, be they entire homes, single rooms, or commercial spaces. Contact me for pricing and questions.


the re-arrange

Let me rearrange your room! No matter what it contains, a room needs to function as a usable, beautiful space. So often, despite being filled with meaningful pieces, rooms aren’t existing to their full potential. Allow me to reinvent your space and make it the most inviting, beautiful place in your home. I charge $100-$300 per room, size dependent, using only your pre-existing furniture. Thoughtful suggestions for additional pieces will be made when needed, though no purchases are necessary. Send me a picture of your space and let’s start moving!


holidays, wrapping & tablescapes

Be it a birthday dinner, a cocktail party, or simply adorning your home for the holidays, let me bring out the cheer in your space! Take the stress out of any event or season so you can focus on hosting and being with the ones you love. From full home holiday decoration to simply setting an elegant table or lavishly wrapping your gifts, my services are yours for the taking.